We hope you're thirsty because we have an assorted collection of many different and distinct pop varieties.  With our classic and memorable names, we have over 150 distinct flavors, which should be exactly what you're searching for to bring all ages together in nostalgic, thirst-quenching bliss!


Buckeye State Scarlet Soda


Green River

Goose Island WBC Root Beer

Sioux City Sarsaparilla

Americana Root Beer

Americana Black Cherry 

Caruso's Legacy Lemoncello

Bubble Up

Cock N Bull

Dad's Root Beer

Brownie Caramel Root Beer

Triple XXX Root Beer

Dang Root Beer

Dang Butterscotch Root Beer

Mr Cola

Goose Island WBC Spicy Ginger

Goose Island WBC Orange Cream

Goose Island WBC Concord Grape

Homer Soda Maple Root Beer

Americana Orange Cream

Frostie Orange

Dog N Suds

Caruso's Legacy Blood Orange

Caruso's Legacy Robusto Root Beer 

Dachshund Root Beer 

Dang Diet Root Beer 

Dang Butterscotch Root Beer 

Diet Caruso's Legacy Maraschino Cherry Cola 

Caruso's Legacy Dark Cream 

Ale-8-One Diet


RC Cola

Red Arrow Root Beer 

Kickapoo Joy Juice 

Old Red Eye Root Beer 

Howdy Lemon Lime 

Howdy Cherry Jubilee 

Frostie Grape 

Frostie Root Beer 

Shirley-Temple Soda 

Triple Cola 

Double Cola 

Sioux City Birch Beer 

Sioux City Berry Berry 

Sioux City Cream 

Sioux City Ginger 

Sioux City Orange Cream 

Sioux City Root Beer 



Blumers Orange Cream 

Bull Dog Dang Italian Cherry 

Dang Butterscotch Root Beer 

Diet Dang Red Cream 

Nichol Kola 

RC Cola 

Pure Soda Works Apple Pie 

Cherry Ski - Lemon Lime Soda 

Ski Lemon - Orange Soda 

All Natural Apothecary Black Cherry Soda 

Naturals Apothecary Cream Root 

Naturals Apothecary Root Beer 

Boots Picture Show Red Hot Soda 

Cicero Salted Carmel Root Beer 

Cool Mountain Root Beer 

Cool Mountain Orange Cream 

Cool Mountain Cream 

Cool Mountain Black Cherry 

Cool Mountain Peach 

Chicago Style Orange Cream 

Chicago Style Ginger Beer 

Chicago Style Ginger Ale 

Chicago Style Cream 

Chicago Style Black Cherry 

Boylan Tonic Water 

Earp's Sarsaparilla 

Frostie Diet Root Beer